BMW 7 Series Performance & Overview of Features

Have you seen the all BMW 7 Series? It’s one of the top super luxury cars according to US News & World Report. Critics and drivers have given this sedan one of the highest marks in performance, interiors, and safety as well. This is due to the all new interior design that incorporates more technology and luxury into the styling. The tech inside provides a superior control over the drive with all types of hands-free controls thanks to the Bluetooth and iPhone sync options with the infotainment system.

There are also several different engines to pick from so you can…
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Discover the BMW i Models Range

The range of BMW i Models consist of several popular luxury electric vehicles. Combining the grace and strength of a classic BMW with the energy efficiency of electric cars, they're sure to please everyone. Discover some of the unique features of this ground-breaking range of BMW vehicles.

Using innovative eDrive technology, the BMW i Models offer an incredible amount of torque, as well as silent, smooth, and powerful acceleration - all without using conventional fuel. Each vehicle also relies on a unique construction method to make it lighter, leaner, and more agile than traditional 


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Check Out the BMW 3 Series in Kingsport Today!

The BMW 3 Series is a luxury brand that includes a sedan and a wagon style of body. This vehicle has some helpful features for you to enjoy while you drive it. The full heads-up display provides you with everything you need to know about the vehicle's status, and you do not have to look down to see it.

This car also has the iDrive software. It allows you to customize your favorite functions, from the position of the seat to the music that you listen to while you drive. The iDrive software even works if more than one…

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BMW 2 Series: A Stylish Coupe With Plenty of Power

Very few vehicles blend performance and style as well as the BMW 2 Series. This popular coupe was designed to turn heads, and that is exactly what it is going to do as you drive through the streets of Kingsport, TN. Here is a quick look at just a few of the world-class features that can be found in the BMW 2 Series.

BMW enthusiasts are going to be glad to hear that the newest 2 Series coupe has a 335-horsepower M Performance engine that slingshots it from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. It also gets…

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Safety Features in the New BMW 6 Series

In the market for a new full-size luxury car? Look no further than the BMW 6 Series if you want luxury and safety in your ride.

The new BMW 6 Series comes with the Lane Departure Warning system. How this works, the system scans the road surface to make sure you stay in between the lane lines. If the car drifts, the system begins vibrating the steering wheel in order to get the drivers attention and to get them to take action before an accident.

Equipped in your new BMW 6 Series is the BMW Navigation system. Never again will…
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BMW 4 Series Overview and Features

The 2018 BMW 4 series gets a refresh this year with a newer suspension and better handling than previous models, as well as new sensors that detect pedestrians, other cars, and provides warnings to the driver through the new infotainment system. You can connect any drive to the infotainment system through Bluetooth. It's best with your smartphone, which gives you voice-enabled commands to do most of the things from your vehicle, hands-free.

The trims also have upgraded horsepower starting from the base engine. You can get a twin turbo with the base and go up to a twin turbo…
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Why Buy A Crossover?

Shopping for a new vehicle can be such a daunting task when you realize how many different vehicle options there are on the market. Not only do you have to choose what type of vehicle you would prefer (truck, SUV, sedan, etc.) but then you have to select a manufacturer and a specific model. If you are confused as to what to buy, but know that you want something with ample interior space, plenty of power under the hood, towing capabilities and great safety features, you might want to look into one of the crossovers that we have here on…
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The road ahead in your BMW X Model

Our team here at Rick Hill BMW understand how important the features are when selecting a new vehicle. Selecting the right SUV requires choosing the right features, design, and performance, and we’re here to help you find one that fits your style.

When you walk up to one of the BMW X models, you can see their signature kidney grilles that accent their aerodynamic design. Once you open the door, you see a spacious interior of this popular luxury SUV.

The X models give you the option of customizing the seating arrangements to adapt to your next trip. 40…

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