The 2023 BMW X2 comes equipped with Dynamic Stability Control, which helps you maintain control of your vehicle no matter how fast you're going or how quickly you need to turn. This system uses sensors to detect any skidding or loss of traction and then applies power, braking, and steering accordingly to keep your car stable. The Variable Sport Steering feature gives drivers added control when cornering at high speeds by automatically adjusting the amount of power sent to each wheel based on the car's speed and the turn angle. This allows quick and precise turns without losing grip on the road surface in Kingsport. The Adaptive M Suspension System takes care of all your suspension needs while driving in any condition. It automatically adjusts dampening force based on road conditions and how hard you are pushing your car, ensuring a comfortable ride in whatever situation you find yourself in. Furthermore, this system improves handling by providing more stability when cornering at high speeds. Look no further than the 2023 BMW X2 at Rick Hill BMW for those looking for a luxury vehicle with superior performance features.

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