The Reasons Getting Tires Rotated and Inspected are Important

If you are driving on car tires that are either underinflated or have too much in the way of air pressure, you are putting more than the health of your car tires at risk.

Tires with not enough air are going to make more of the outer edges of the tires come in contact with the road. These areas don't have thick enough tread so that friction will wear away those areas especially quick. That will only increase the chances the tire could experience a blowout at high speeds.

If the car tires have too much air, now you are going to struggle to keep the car on the road because you are working with less tread contacting the road surface. This is a huge issue if you are driving in rain or snow conditions.

Make it a point to get your vehicle to Rick Hill BMW so we have the chance to inspect those tires closely.
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