Don't wait until trouble strikes out on the highway and you are left at the mercy of the towing company, plan accordingly for trouble so you can get back on schedule with your road trip. Consider these safety tips from our staff at Rick Hill BMW before you leave on your next trip.

Place an emergency box in the trunk with items that could make repairs easily. Tools, a roll of duct tape, and flashlights will help make things easier to fix. Keep an empty gas can, cans of fix-a-flat, and jumper cables in the box for other issues on the road. Never assume that you have a decent spare tire in the car until you physically check for yourself. Then while you are checking the tire, be sure that the tire iron, lug wrench, and jack and in the area near that tire.

Come visit the showroom in Kingsport, TN and our crew will make certain that your vehicle is ready for the road!

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