Car seats are a necessary piece of equipment not just because they’re required by law but also because they’ll keep your children safe in case of an accident. Our team at Rick Hill BMW wants to know your children are safe and that you’re an informed parent regarding car seats and what kind you need for your car and your child. Although there are many types of car seats, they generally fall into three categories.

• Rear-facing – may be infant seats; all-in-one or convertible seats and are used from birth to age three
• Front-facing – may be a convertible, combination or all-in-one seats and are used from ages one through seven
• Booster seats – may be high-backed booster seats, backless booster seats, combination or all-in-one booster seats and are used from ages four through 12
?• Seat belts – may be used from age eight through adulthood

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