When driving in the snow and sleet, your grip on the road is everything. You always need to feel safe when you're driving, and confidence is a key part of that. Winter tires could give you the confidence you need in your vehicle's traction control. At Rick Hill BMW, we can definitely vouch for that.

The reason driving in the winter can be so dangerous isn't just because of the snow and ice on the road. When it gets cold, your tire's rubber becomes stiff and solid, and is therefore unable to grip the road as well. What that means is less traction and more sliding.

Winter tires prevent that - studless tires are treated to resist stiffening, while studded tires have bits of embedded metal in them that puncture the ice and snow to give your vehicle grip. Come visit us in Kingsport to learn more, or to just go ahead and swap out your tires now.


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