Overview of Safety Features in the BMW X1

Since the early 60s safety issues in automobiles have grown by leaps and bounds as Interstate freeways grew. In response, auto manufacturers responded with new technologies that handled those issues. Long before safety airbags became a regulated item in vehicles, manufacturers experimented here and there with safety belts and bags.

The BMW X1 goes well beyond safety regulations to offer advanced airbags in the front and the rear of the cabin. Along with the airbags, the X1 carries daytime running lights, childproof locks, integrated turn signal mirrors, electronic stability control, brake assist, traction control, and lane departure alerts.

No matter if you are driving on the highway or in Kingsport, the BMW X1 attains a high status in occupant safety. Come to Rick Hill BMW and consider this vehicle that garnered the most top safety rankings possible from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.



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