Tire Replacement When You Need it the Most

Getting a flat tire can almost ruin your day, especially when you're unprepared financially to have the tire replaced. We have great news for you! With an eligible BMW tire purchase, you may be entitled to a benefit of up to $600 for each tire replacement!

The BMW Road Hazard Tire Coverage provides this benefit at no cost to you, and it extends to all travel outside of Kingsport. There is a nationwide network at your disposal, for choosing a participating BMW Tire Center that is convenient for you. This benefit can be extremely helpful when on vacation or traveling for business. Most flat tires are caused by nails, glass or even damage due to hitting a pothole. Now that you know you're covered, you can be fully prepared for the claim process, but not the expense!

Contact Rick Hill BMW for your BMW Approved tire purchase, and we will explain even more about the BMW Road Hazard Tire Coverage.



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