Overview Of The BMW 4 Series

Convertibles have long been the dream car of many drivers both young and old. There's just nothing like the wind rushing through your hair as you cruise down the open road. That is why our team here at Rick Hill BMW located in Kingsport is so excited to tell you all about the brand-new BMW 4 Series.

​The 4 Series models offer a twin turbo engine which can put out up to 320 horsepower. This horsepower also helps with incredible acceleration. In fact, the 4 Series has been clocked to go from 0-60 in as little as 4.6 seconds. On the exterior, this convertible offers LED taillights which give an unmistakable look to the vehicle and will also last far longer than more traditional taillights. It only takes a mere 20 seconds to either lower or raise the top of this convertible so rain or shine, you're ready to hit the road.



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