The Ground-Breaking BMW i Models

BMW enthusiasts the world over realize that the BMW is not just a vehicle, it is a way of life. However, even BMW will be amazingly surprised at what BMW has come out with now. The BMW i series is not just breaking new ground, it has thrown out the playbook entirely. The i series is a hybrid, and it is changing the way that consumers look at this type of vehicle. Consider these features:

An Incredibly Unique Framework

BMW engineers realize that creating a hybrid should be more than just swapping out engines. Instead of paying lip-service to the concept like some other car manufacturers do, they have a created a new concept called “LifeDrive.” This is an architectural approach to the frame of an electrical vehicle. Simply put, they realize that hybrids need a more lightweight frame in order to function properly, and they deliver that in style.

Great Raw Materials

Open-pore eucalyptus wood is present in each BMW i design. This means not only that BMW is using a sustainable resource, but they are also utilizing a material that does not wear out like other materials. Come see for yourself at Rick Hill BMW today!



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