You Have Tons of End Lease Options

Leasing comes with a number of benefits, including lower costs when compared to purchasing or financing. You'll get lower car payments and the ability to return leased vehicles on a regular basis to get the market’s hottest cars, trucks, SUVs, and whatever else the lessor/dealership has to offer.

Where things can get tricky is when your lease comes to an end. Your options can be diverse, and it can be hard to understand everything you're able to do. When your lease reaches its end you can:

  • Lease the same vehicle again.
  • Purchase the vehicle with any built-in equity the lessor offers you.
  • Extend the lease for another period, or two, or five.

Whatever you choose to do, it's essential that you go into the process well informed. To learn more, get in touch with Rick Hill BMW. The finance staff at our location in Kingsport, TN can educate you on the options available and help you decide what might be best for you.

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