Tips for Driving with Food for Holiday

Transporting food items demands more care than delivering presents. You need to mindful of sanitation, temperature, quality and other factors when driving with the food for the holiday. To be specific, High-risk foods such as cooked rice, dairy products, salads, hot foods, and ready-to-eat food are the one that demands a lot of considerations since they are more prone to contamination and bacteria. When driving with food, think about the following:

  • Temperature safety is a crucial factor that you ought to mind when transferring food. Ensure that meals are cooked, cooled, and well-refrigerated. For instance, you can freeze meats and keep it in a cold box before transferring. Think about food temperature so that you can know when you need to thaw a food item to ensure it's ready to eat.
  • The quality of food involves a lot of aspects such as protecting it from dehydration and contamination. You can maintain food item by covering it all time by either use of container, foil or wrap since the things are free from chemicals.
  • Food presentation is critical because people often look at food appearance before even tasting the meal. You can avoid unappealing, dry food and waxy looking, by minding about food temperature and quality.

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