Little Known Dashboard Warning Lights

You may have noticed the fuel tank light mark on your car dashboard. There are other dashboard warning lights apart from the fuel tank that implies you're running low on gas. Below are some of the other warning lights on your dashboard and their meanings.

Gas cap light: a warning that the gas cap is not fully tightened. Common after visiting a gas station and is quite dangerous. In most cases, if not addressed the check engine also illuminates.

Engine temperature warning light: it goes off when the engine is overheating. Mitigation can be by turning off the A/C and other unimportant systems to alleviate load from the engine. Start the cooling system to release excess heat.

Traction control light: the sign illuminates when the vehicle's electronic stability is in use. When it goes off it indicates that you are driving on slippery conditions, therefore, you need to be cautious.

Your dashboard may be different with symbols with altered designs. If you’re in the Kingsport area visit Rick Hill BMW for a proper troubleshooting and explanation of the warning lights.

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